Restoration Day

We can all help our planet to thrive... And today was a great example that individual actions can make a difference. This past weekend, we joined the Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation in restoring a previously farm-used land. This project has been ongoing for at least five years and today was the last step. Despite being the last phase, the amount of work was not that simple, as it involved hard work from at least 25 people. Nonetheless, I will say that it was very rewarding.

The meeting was at 9:00am, on a land that was previously used to raise cattle. One of the main problems that cattle causes is deforestation, since cows will “clean” the area of native plants and grasses. Thus, you could end up with an empty land that has no natural life on it.

But today, people got together to make a difference! Yes, even the little kids had a great and positive impact on caring for our world.

Today, the land that they helped will now have natural habitat and native vegetation, which is important as the roots will absorb all the left-over fertilizers before they reach the creek, keeping the water in the creek clean and safe from chemicals.

However, the best positive outcome is the beautiful sight that the land now has, offering diverse vegetation where animals can now call it home!

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