Beach Clean-up Day

There is nothing that I love more than to be out in the ocean. Something about it makes me feel alive; maybe it is the relaxing sound of the waves, or the salty smell, or the beautiful blue and endless view, or all of it combined. No matter what the reason is for being out there, there is always excitement that comes along for a free ride. However, my past trip to the coast was very special, it was our first field trip with Crecer ConCiencia. For our first fieldtrip, we drove to Salmon Creek Beach, a State Beach in Bodega Bay. Although, this isn’t my first trip to the ocean, it was my first trip to this particular site. Weather conditions were just perfect at the beach; it wasn’t very windy or very hot, I usually get cold really fast but this time I was not battling with the weather, which allowed me to focus on the actual trip and enjoy the view.

The main purpose of the trip was to clean up the beach and talk about the importance of reducing our single-use plastics. Our team did a great job at picking up litter and cataloging the amount of each item.

Some of the most common items that our team found were cigarette buts, plastic bottles, plastic bags (mostly from chips), fish lines and… coffee cups! By cataloging the litter, especially single-use plastics, kids learned the importance of reducing our usage. I’m sure that they will now advocate for a plastic-free ocean!

As usual, the beach is a blast but today was also a meaningful trip. A special thank you to all the people that today made a difference in our oceans. Next trip, Armstrong Redwoods yeah!

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