Mission Statement

To foster scientific curiosity in kids and environmental literacy in all ages

Vision Statement

Inspiring scientific curiosity for a better world

Meet the Team


B. Gabriela Arango

Founder & CEO

Email: bg.arango@crecerconciencia.org

Gabriela is an ocean lover and a scientist. She is passionate about sharing science to help people live in a better world. Gabriela also enjoys conducting research on the diving adaptations of sea turtles.


Elías López

Co-founder & Vice President

Email: lopez@crecerconciencia.org


Elias is a naturalist by heart and an ecologist by training. He enjoys spending time outside, teaching others, finding out invertebrates and learning about their biology.


Karina Arango

Marketing and Outreach

Karina loves to work in the nonprofit sector and has volunteered with multiple organizations around the Bay Area. She wants to inspire consciousness about our natural world, so we can all care for it. Karina loves nature and is against animal cruelty.


Areli Carreño

Event Coordinator

Areli enjoys organizing educational events for kids. She wants to complement their classroom learning in a fun and active way. Areli is a proud mom and loves spending time with her child.


Monica Guzmán


Monica is a nursing student at Santa Rosa Junior College. She believes that we must set a good example for our next generation and teach children to love our world and improve the current conditions of our environment. Monica likes to go camping and to walk in nature, where she finds peace in the tranquility of the trees.

Meet Our Partners